Meeting Time: September 07, 2021 at 6:30pm EDT
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Agenda Item

Council Budget Priorities Process for 2022 budget (material to be provided)

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    Joel Moyer about 2 years ago

    Please fund the Lkwd Skatepark improvements! My daughter has enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the skate camps offered each summer. As a family, we truly appreciate having a variety of ways to experience the amenities that are available to Lkwd residents. Lastly, Vince has brought a sense of confidence in my daughter's ability to use the skate park at her comfort level. We are grateful for his guidance and expertise.

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    Kim McGowan about 2 years ago

    Several years ago we relocated from Florida to Ohio. We chose Lakewood because for the large number of parks and their wonderful facilities. Since that time my son has participated in the skate camp with Vince and other wonderful instructors. My son has made lasting friends and connections because of the skate park. I believe strong parks make strong communities. Make a great thing even better, find the skate park improvements!

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    Beth Ryan about 2 years ago

    The skate programs and facilities in Lakewood are instrumental to servicing a part of our local community. My son has participated in the skate camps with Vince and they are incredible. All instructors involved with the program worked with each kid to learn skills, but what the kids come away with is a strengthened sense of confidence. They learn to set personal goals and root others on when they reach theirs. Everyone works alongside each other in a very supportive environment. Fund the skatepark improvements!