Meeting Time: July 25, 2022 at 7:30pm EDT
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Agenda Item

ORDINANCE 20-2022 - AN ORDINANCE to take effect immediately provided it receives the affirmative vote of at least two thirds of the members of Council to enact Section 135.17 Limitation on enforcement related to abortion care of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Lakewood, to protect residents of the City of Lakewood from interference by the State in their healthcare decisions. (Referred to Finance 07/05/22)

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    Nevin Steindam 16 days ago

    I support reproductive rights and am glad to see my city take this stand. Thank you.

    Looking at the other comments that were submitted, I agree with Anne Konarski's concerns about some wording in the proposal. The intent seems clear to me, but I don't want to leave wiggle room for people to debate it later.

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    Tim Collingwood 16 days ago

    I support this ordinance and I believe that more city funds should go to life-affirming health care like this. I don't reference ill by saying "life-affirming." Life begins at first breath, and respect of one's free will determines one's choices to maintain their health. I hope that in passing this ordinance that the doctors whose offices are in Lakewood and whose patients come to Lakewood can have all they need to care for their patients in reproductive need, especially when outside influencers threaten divine free will as they have who do not even live in the city and claim God works through them when God loves those in reproductive need as much as They love the sinner who judges them in false witness.
    I support reproductive rights and support those making them and those who work to ensure them. I'd rather have the city of Lakewood put more funds in life-affirming care than to continue to fund life-devaluing care.

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    Anne Konarski 16 days ago

    I absolutely support the spirit and intent of this ordinance, but have a few questions.

    Section 1 (b) (1) "Coercion or force was used against the pregnant person" needs clarification please. Does the coercion or force relate to how the person became pregnant, or does it refer to the abortion they received was due to coercion or force?

    Additionally, how will this ordinance relate to criminal acts that result in a pregnancy? Will any of the health care information be able to be used as evidence when the pregnant person is a victim, (e.g. sexual assault, statutory rape). Specifically, Section 1 (a) (1) refers to information about "any reproductive act" a somewhat vague phrase, versus (a) (2) refers to "other reproductive heath care act" which is more limited in scope.

    Finally, will this ordinance cover information about disposal of frozen embryos and/or other products of fertility treatments?

    Thank you for your time and attention.

    Anne Konarski